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Since breaking into the industry in 1981, Pools and Concrete Renewed became a sister company of Metrodeck of Tx Inc. to offer our customers a wider range of services, better quality, better customer service, faster turn around time and to better enhance the remodeling part of the pool and concrete industry. With over 250 years of combined experience and leading thousands of award winning projects, we not only strive to be the best in the industry but our focus for PCR was to be born to give back to the community, support our military veteran's and also supporting victims of abuse in local shelters.  Pool's and Concrete Renew has been recognized as the #1 and most dependable pool remodeling and concrete contractors in the area. We have provided clients with a wide range of services. From start to finish you will get excellent customer service and a work of art that we have spent many years perfecting up to standards we believe customers should receive. Being customers ourselves we want you to enjoy your project and it be done as professionally and quickly as possible. Let's face it remodeling and construction is something we rather not have to deal with. Here at PCR we want your experience to be as enjoyable and fun as possible and from every project we do we will send a picture to where you helped with the community. Together we can all make a difference! Please send us a email, call or text so we can get out there and see how wee can help you.  


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We Sponsor KT Foundation

  Kevin Tito owner of Pools and Concrete Renewed and Co Founder of Metrodeck of Tx put a team together and started KT Foundation.


   Kevin has a big heart for children, victims of abuse and military who need resources to create a healthier and more enjoyable life and one with a new way of healing and with opportunity of a lifetime like never felt.


  The great thing when you use us a percentage of your project will be donated to KT Foundation. KT foundation is funded by donations, corporate sponsors, grants, events and a percentage of every project goes into giving back to local communities. 


Caddo Mills, Tx

Meet Owner Kevin Tito

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  Hi my name is Kevin Tito with my daughters Alyssa and Brianna.  We would like to thank you for visiting and I look forward to meeting with you on your project. Our team is highly trained and dedicated to quality and professionalism. See you soon!

  Winston, family pet and KT   Foundation's therapy mascot